Targeted Marketing

When doing advertising, the hope is to reach as many people as possible. But while is vast audience is great, reaching specific demographics helps create energetic customer base and return of investment.


Different industries have different customer bases and want to focus advertising to those groups. A women’s yoga studio may not do well to advertise during and MMA match, just as a men’s formal wear commercial may not do well broadcast during The Bachelor. It is important to create a demographic breakdown on desired and susceptible customers so that advertising will speak to the most receptive people.

Demographics can be broken down by a number of different factors: age, gender, income, location, household size, occupation, education, and more. It is important to understand who wants a product and how that product will service the customer. By creating advertising that speaks directly to the preferred client, it increases the chance of building a consistent customer base.

Targeted marketing works by picking out certain demographics and distributing the advertising to places that that specific group will see it. We see targeted ads almost everywhere online. Instagram feeds will include promoted posts based on the user’s activity and general interests. Google search results will include ads along the side, again based on what the user typically views. Even news websites will have unique ads dependent on demographic breakdowns.


Broadcast remains one of the best ways to reach a wide potential customer base. However, the landscape keeps changing and more consumers are utilizing streaming platforms for their entertainment needs. It is possible to target specific demographics based on viewing patterns of certain shows. Again, knowing the interests of customers will help in the process of reaching those customers.

Once a customer base is found, advertising should also speak specifically to that grouping. General ads do a lot of leg work for branding and name recognition, but should also speak to a specific individual. Young consumers may want stylistic advertising that entices. Older consumers may want more informative ads that attract buyers due to fundamental information. Printed advertisements tend to do better with older individuals while digital is the best way to interact with younger crowds.


A comprehensive marketing plan that considers demographics and methods of exposure will benefit any business. If you are looking for an update to your advertising, Abstract Creatives is here to help! Reach out today to start the conversation about your next marketing move.