For any business, one of the first things that potential clients will see is the company sign. A sign acts as the book cover for a business, letting people see both a sense of style and professionalism. A good sign will entice whoever sees it to either learn more about the business or actually go in and inquire about the services.


Eye Catching

First and foremost, a sign should get people’s attention. Using bright and complimentary colors helps to create appealing and distinct signage. Colors can also match the overall company branding so that there is a consistency across the different levels of marketing.



Vital to a sign’s effectiveness is if it is even readable. Complicated typefaces and layouts can be too busy for the average eye and give an impression of stress rather than welcoming. If a sign is not clear and customers cannot read it, they will not wish to use the business as they may not even know what the business is.


Sign placement is a crucial part of display. Too far from where the people are and they will never see it, too close and it becomes too mixed in with the everyday rush our senses experience. Typically, high up and along roadways are good places for signs. As it has to do with branding, the visual of a sign may be used digitally as well. Insuring that the branded content is present where potential clients may see it will help to grow brand recognition.



Using logos in signs goes a long way to establish brand recognition. If there is a symbol that encompasses a business and is known among clientele, it will help that sign to become immediately more recognizable.

Abstract Creatives can help with your business’ sign design and make sure that you have top-tier visuals to help promote your company. The first thing people will see is your sign, make sure it leaves a good impression.